So... I need some perspective on my financial situation in order to make an ethical decision about whether or not to use WIC, which my family qualifies for. I don't mean to seem insensitive to others financial situations, I just have no perspective on how other young families live in metro areas outside of the military. All my friends outside the military are either high dual-income earners or are in the poor graduate school phase.

My husband and I are expecting a baby this spring and are a single-income family. My husband is active duty military. We get free health insurance for our family and we live on base for free in a 3 bedroom house and all of our utilities are paid for (except for cable). We put 500 in savings each month. We pay out about 400 dollars in bills each month. Then, we pay about 400 a month for food (we get a non-taxable allotment of about 350 a month for food) and another 400 in gas per month. After all that, we have 800-900 a month in disposable income. However, we live in a very expensive area, DC metro.... Are we struggling enough to ethically get WIC? Because most of our income in not taxed, we qualify for it once our baby comes. I feel bad because we aren't as bad off as others but getting fresh foods paid for while breastfeeding would really help out.

Perspectives from other men/women with families would be appreciated!