So I came back from the ER this afternoon. I had posted yesterday that my anxiety had gotten out of control and no one in my obstetrics department would give me a prescription for an anxiety medication. The acute care nurse told me all I can do is go to the ER or wait 2 weeks till my 28 week appointment or wait 4 week till my psych. appointment. My husband and I went to the ER and I am not even lying... the ER doctor at first would not give me a psych. consult and just brought in a social worker for me to talk to. I have already seen 2 social workers in the past week.... The ER doc also said there were no medication I could take that wouldn't directly harm my baby. After I said I wouldn't leave without a consult, they brought down the psychtrist from the obstetrics department. IF THERE HAS BEEN AN ASSIGNED PSYCHTRIST ATTACHED TO MY OBSTETRICS DEPARTMENT.. WHY THE HELL DID IT TAKE ME GOING TO THE ER TO SEE HER??? I have brought up my anxiety issue since my 12 week appointment and was referred to someone outside the hospital, who would not prescribe medication until 36 weeks and that was about it. I really feel like I haven't got any care because of my pregnancy. I have been seeing two counselors and saw a social worker and have articulated to everyone that I needed help. And I am going to probably the largest hospital and one of the biggest funded hospitals in the DC area.

Ugh. I ended up going on celexa. I have some real reservations and guilt being on it. The psych. said in my case the benefits outweigh the risk because untreated anxiety can have some pretty nasty side effects as well like preterm labor and being at increased risk of stillbirth. I am in a 10 week window where I can take it and then taper off a month before giving birth. I really hope I am not fucking up my daughter from the start.